Lambs Creek Sportsman's Club
    Mission Statement

    The purpose for which this Club is organized is to conserve, restore, and manage the game, fish, and other wild life and its habitat in Lambs Creek and its environs; to seek
    to procure better fishing and hunting for sportsmen; to promote and maintain friendly relations with landowners and sportsmen; to cooperate in obtaining proper respect for,
    and observation of, the fish and game laws; and so far as possible to spread knowledge of useful wildlife.
    President - vacant    
    Vice President - Anthony Meringer
    Secretary - Sylvia Sumner
    Treasurer - Gary Laudermilch          
Dedicated to youth, family, and the future of the traditional outdoor sports
    3 Year Director - Dick Alley
    2 Year Director - Bill Beacom
    1 Year Director - Kelly Brown
    1 Year Director - Bobby Swingle
    1 Year Director - Dave Rutt
    Special Events are open to all, members and non-members alike.

    The range is closed during special events.  Check your calendar
    before coming to use the range.

    We attempt to mow the grass during the growing season on
    Thursday afternoons, weather permitting.  The range is closed
    during this maintenance.

    Regular monthly meetings are held the 4th Monday of each month at
    7:00pm in the clubhouse.  Come see what is going on.

    Membership Forms are available from any board member or at
    Cooper's  Sporting Goods in Mansfield.

    Regular membership is $30/yr
    Family is $45/yr
    Senior(>65) is $15/yr
    Lifetime for Individuals over 60 is $250
2014 Board of Directors
Special Note
Current News
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                                                                                                                  WELCOME TO 2014 AT LCSC

    Our 2014 calendar of events is now available - see the events page.  A print friendly version of the schedule is available on
    the events page as well.  Print a copy for future reference.  It would be a shame to miss out on the fun!!

    Great News!!  We are making the final preparations for our annual Women On Target day.  It is scheduled for Saturday,
    August 23.  Pre-registration is required and will be limited to 35 attendees.  Don't miss out on this wonderful day for the
    ladies.  Watch for more details here in the coming months.

    We enjoyed a great club project.  The upper Mansfield Water Authority pond was in need of a bridge across the spillway.  
    This pond we stock for kids fishing and the bridge will make it much easier and safer for kids to access the far side of the
    pond.  Check out the finished product at 2013 Bridge Project